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How to renew/spotlight stories that have faded into space :)

Kathy Downey 4 years ago 0

There are many stories that start out with a 'bang' (get participation and votes), then after a while they fade into the sunset. Is there a way to have a separate section (maybe somewhere where all of the stories are listed i.e. Editor's choice/Subscribed Stories.....)

Many, if not all, of these stories are well written and it's sad to see our time that many of us have spent on them, to be not worth anything.




Kathy Downey 4 years ago updated by joakim.johansson 4 years ago 7

Question: Many times lately, when I'm sent a challenge on any particular story, I don't necessarily want to duel, but still want to submit my draft to that same story. But I imagine that by me submitting to the story, that this is basically my acceptance to the challenge. Is this correct, and if so, is there a remedy for correcting this?

Thanks :)


A button to click on (ACCEPT or DECLINE) when challenged to a duel

Kathy Downey 4 years ago 0

When we get an email telling us that someone has challenged us, we are then taken to the 'duel' page, where we are then taken to the story for which we are being challenged. At THIS point, is where we need some type of button for us to either ACCEPT or DECLINE the challenge. Then that person would get an email with our response. The way it is now is if I decide to submit a draft for the challenged story (amidst other entries), neither one of us knows (A) if I've submitted/accepted the challenge, and (B) who has won (other than a brief blurb flashed at the top of any given page.

Sorry for the length :)


New things noticed lately

Kathy Downey 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Today, I noticed a couple of NEW things. First, as your writing your draft, it's constantly SAVING it, which is nice. Second, there is a LIMIT to how many challenges you can send in one day. Not sure what that number is, but apparently I reached it today, and a message appeared saying something like 'You've reached your limit of challenges sent for today. Try tomorrow'. This is also a good idea.

But I would like to recommend that something gets posted to alert the members of Story Wars as to new and or changes to anything on this site. That way, it won't be a surprise when it suddenly appears.

Thank you.


The notifications should include forum responses

Gaiadarkstar 4 years ago 0

I think the notification link should include the notifications on forum responses. You should also be able to view the most recent posts, who posted and when rather than just the forum title or post title.


Not following the instructions on my story. Can it be edited?

Kathy Downey 4 years ago updated by joakim.johansson 4 years ago 3

I recently wrote a story entitled 'WORD SALAD'. I provided 10 words in which the reader was to use ONLY those words in a SENTENCE, and then provide 10 NEW words for the next chapter. One of the first drafts submitted used some of the words in a PARAGRAPH. Since it was this person's draft and my own that were submitted, I voted for his/her. Chapter 2 voted this person's draft in. So now it's time to vote for Chapter 2. There are 3 drafts to vote on (including my own). There are problems with BOTH of them, NOT following my instructions. FIRST DRAFT: submitted a 'PARAGRAPH' and not a SENTENCE, then used some of the previous words that were originated in Chapter 1 and submitted them as 10 NEW words to be used for Chapter 3. SECOND DRAFT: this person did follow instructions, submitted a SENTENCE, but then added a word that wasn't in the submitted ten from Chapter 1. PLUS this person, added 10 new words to use for Chapter 3, but 3 of the 10 submitted words are words that I had submitted to be used for Chapter 2.

I know this all sounds confusing, but my story is not being handled the way that I want or following my instructions. Is there a way that I can edit this story, by reiterating the instructions again so that readers can better understand them? And can I change the length of the story from 8 to 12 chapters?

Thank you and I apologize for the length of this post.


Having set out plots

Amber 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

Is there a possibility that the original author could set out a plot and what happens in each chapter? As well, users could report drafts that aren't following the plot. This would be optional, of course. This is also similar to author approving drafts.


Will someone give me feedback on my story about sandy the gerbil

Keilei 4 years ago updated by Kathy Downey 4 years ago 1

will someone give me feedback ???

do you like my story ????


Unable to log in

ritergal 4 years ago updated by Joakim Johansson 4 years ago 1

I registered for a new account, then clicked on the verification code. Unfortunately it did not seem to work. When I try to log in, I get the message "Log-in failed". I don't see an option for receiving a new verification code. I can't set up a new account because my email address is taken, and I don't see an option for "forgot password" or anything like that. I do not want to log in with Google or Facebook. I prefer keeping things segmented.

What's the workaround here?