New things noticed lately

Kathy Downey 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Today, I noticed a couple of NEW things. First, as your writing your draft, it's constantly SAVING it, which is nice. Second, there is a LIMIT to how many challenges you can send in one day. Not sure what that number is, but apparently I reached it today, and a message appeared saying something like 'You've reached your limit of challenges sent for today. Try tomorrow'. This is also a good idea.

But I would like to recommend that something gets posted to alert the members of Story Wars as to new and or changes to anything on this site. That way, it won't be a surprise when it suddenly appears.

Thank you.

Hey! The saving is actually something I sneaked into the patreon gift. It's only for those who have pledged so far. Basically, it auto-saves your draft/story for when you lose connection.

The challenges are restricted at 20 I think, it's not new but maybe you haven't hit that limit before :) Might not be needed with such a low restriction anymore since you can choose to not get challenges through email, it was to avoid people spamming others too much.

But I understand what you want to say, a "This is the new stuff and this is what you can do with it"-thingy is needed :)

Hi Joakim: How can you choose not to get challenges through email? Through 'settings'?? If so, you don't need to respond to this. And thanks for sneaking in the 'saving' ability. A great idea, but since I posted this to everyone, won't there be questions when others don't see it on their drafts??

BTW, can't believe I reached the 20 challenge limit today. Afraser and I are constantly challenging each other, unfortunately, she is winning most of those :(

There's a problem with the 'saving' issue: Once a draft is submitted, and possibly voted on, the same draft STAYS within the box where you add your draft, instead of disappearing. So unless you remember all of the drafts submitted for the day, or that story (which or me is hard, since I submit 'a lot' of drafts), the same draft will be submitted again and again, unless I manually go into the box and delete it.

Please advise (at your convenience, of course). Thanks.