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Question: Many times lately, when I'm sent a challenge on any particular story, I don't necessarily want to duel, but still want to submit my draft to that same story. But I imagine that by me submitting to the story, that this is basically my acceptance to the challenge. Is this correct, and if so, is there a remedy for correcting this?

Thanks :)

Under review

Hey! You only accept a challenge when submitting a draft after you clicked on the Go to challenge-button. Maybe we should change the button to Accept challenge instead of Submit draft?

But there's no way of knowing what the challenge is (story) until you click on the 'go to story' button. It then takes you to the page where you have the two swords (top of it says .....has challenged you). You then have to click on it to see the story. I don't recall seeing a 'go to challenge' button,

This is how it works today:

The change I am purposing is that when go from that "Go to challenge", instead of seeing "Submit draft" you would see "Accept challenge"

YES,PERFECT!! That would make more sense. I hope I'm not the only one who has questions regarding this issue. That change, would definitely work. And if I don't click on the 'Accept challenge' button, I could still submit my own draft, without the other person thinking I want to accept it?? Also, whenever I challenge someone, there is no way of ever knowing that that person has accepted it. This would probably solve this issue, correct?

I just want to say Joakim, that I do apologize for asking so many questions, and suggesting ideas. I seem to be the major one who has submitted more questions/ideas than most others. And you and I have had many messages regarding questions or issues that I have. I guess it boils down to that lyric in that favorite song, 'TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!'

I will cease and desist, lol

Already updated it, try it out now :)

And don't apologize, I appreciate it very much! You help me finding out what isn't that easy to understand, sometimes I get blinded by it since I has created it.