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Cost Gems To Vote

BluNerd 4 years ago updated by ernest stephens 7 months ago 4

What if you had to choose an amount of gems to pay each time you voted. When the votes are tallied, the submission with the most gems wins. This would make it so that if you really liked a submission, you could show that.


chatango needs to be killed.

George W Langham 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Replace it with a better service. There's plenty of them.


Customizing profile

JM Currey 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 16

As The Title says, adding a background pic or just being able to modify somethings on your profile would be nice.

Thank you Joakim for the BIO and the idea of different fonts..


Color patterns in menu

Joakim Johansson 5 years ago updated by BruhhItsAllie 4 years ago 4

Can you add like a color dot thingy next to the genres, like purple for sci-fi and green for fantasy that you already have. Just a small icon thingy to make it more easy on the dropdown Discover list.

Just a suggestion


More than five drafts, be able to vote TWICE

Kathy Downey 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

When there is more than, say five drafts submitted per story, we should have the choice of voting TWICE. It is extremely difficult choosing only ONE, when there may be another draft that is just as good.

I recently got the chance to vote for NINE drafts and unbelievably most, if not all of them, were good. Only having ONE vote doesn't do the story justice, in my opinion.


See who leaves feedback

joakim.johansson 5 years ago updated by Amber 5 years ago 5


Story challenges etc. optionally delivered through notifications

Harlander 5 years ago 0

I'd rather have stuff like story challenges delivered through the notification system (clogged though it is) rather than via email. An option allowing the selection of either or both of these would be pretty nifty.

In fact, the same option for each category of thing that appears (including disabling messages about that category entirely) would be pretty nice.


Share your drafts

joakim.johansson 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 0


Don't let old stories be forgotten -

Joel Garcia 2 years ago 0

I think that it could be a good idea to give incentives to writers to finish the stories that are already published instead of starting numerous new ones. A lot of great stuff gets forgotten. It would be great if we could sort stories by the number of chapters written. 


So there is not way to edit a grammatical mistake?

Rhyn Ellivrut 3 years ago updated by Joel Garcia 2 years ago 1

I get it. Edit within one hour. But on my first story this was not clear. I had to learn the hard way, and my story suffers from one word that needs deleting. Yes, I could have edited and perfected and then copy/pasted my story into your site, but that doesn't seem to be the goal. The goal is to write. But I should be able to edit small mistakes. Even a method or code that requires the approval of anyone writing further chapters of the story would be great. 

I pushed a story, went to an appointment, then noticed a grammatical mistake in one sentence.  It is forever entombed and embarrassing.