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Watch Ads to Earn Gems

ツ Realization ツ 3 years ago updated by ₭įἧǤ 3 years ago 2

Well, we all know that it's a bit difficult to get gems, especially if you are a common writer. Please add this.


Faster Stories

Wyvernis 3 years ago 0

Hello! I think it would be cool to have the option remove the voting segment of time from your story and simply wait for two drafts to be submitted. After that there are a few hours during which more drafts can be submitted. When those few hours come to a close, a random draft is chosen from the submitted drafts.


User ranks

joakim.johansson 4 years ago updated by /R/ 4 years ago 3

Start of with a certain user rank. Like "warrior" then travel upwards when you get more points to the next tier.


Would you continue my horror story?

Cynthia 3 years ago updated by Amber 3 years ago 1

I posted a story on here called Unknown, I would like to know if anyone would continue it. If you wouldn't please tell me why, if you have a story you would like me to continue please tell me the name and a brief description down below.

I really don't feel like talking through my story but I will say the man suffers from bad dreams and delusions.