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it's tamil. which i don't speak, and the google translate is weird, but you know that just because the majority of people on the site use english it's not the only language used? like, the creator himself isn't a native english speaker, so that someone writing in a different language is a joke is just, what, in general horrible?

if only google translate understood idiomatic language because it doesn't seem to translate well (or maybe it does, but the message is kind of weird?)

I don't remember. Either by mistyping in something or because joakim told me.

Also I'm sorry I'm really tired

it does lean towards more popular stories, yes, but like messaging or the forums a delay would be fine. compare to say wanting to talk about a specific story in the forum which no one uses or in the chat which would get overrun and lost really quickly.

lol kathy you can search for users in the search bar but that has issues. like, i don't show up at all. which is kind of interesting given certain metaphysical details.

lol i'm gonna switch this to messaging so that we stop spamming the site, given that we've really moved off topic.

all refers not to 100% but to a decent sum - also seriously i've probably gotten only 10 points from duels, if that. my 1000+ is from my 500+ drafts. more drafts = more points, direct correlation.

i'll admit that the author choice could lead to some issues involving the story wars society, but instituting a sudden death draft would definitely add like a day more, and could just prolong a story forever if they keep tying. . . the whole thing has some huge issues, before you even start to delve in to the technical stuff.

also i was simply 'r' long ago. . . though it seems i have become more recognizable as 'r - comment' since after my long break re: writing that stupid novel i never even finished. alas, the site has changed much since then.

good to know explains why i'm losing all these duels ive been challenged to - idk what the tiebreaker would be - maybe a short sudden death where only the tied chapters are up for votes? maybe the author of the story picks? one's a bit more authoritarian, but the other could really delay how long it takes to write a story which might not be good.

would you be able to switch it on after someone had already drafted? or switch it off? because that might cause some issues. or people like me who would use the feature to read all the drafts but switch it off so it doesn't matter.

would a disapproved draft be deleted from the story? how about if you switch it back to the free for all mode, would it return?

there's definitely some strong consideration here. but it seems like an interesting feature.

random idea: you can set stories to being public or private, why not duels as well? public duels would only be between 2 people but what story it is for and the specific drafts could be seen. a way to have the best of both worlds in a way?