when submitting ideas, is there a way to review your submitions after the votes

kittyleejones1 4 years ago updated by Kathy Downey 4 years ago 15

i submitted at draft to add to a story, looks like writer went with the concept as i accumulated 50 points and have read the way he utilized the idea. I am inquiring about the ability to re-read what i submitted to add to the story line. Does that go away after it is accepted or can i see what i added still. Super excited and want to re-read what made the writer change story to that directions. I am excited that i still have skills and would like to review my own input here and there, it is fuel to my fire and writers desire, lol. Please advise!

If go to your profile, you can see all the drafts you have submitted. Its on the second tab, example: https://www.storywars.net/users/1?tab=2

Is that what you were looking for?


KITTYLEEJONES1: Did you say you've received 50 points on one draft or a total since you've been here on SW? Either way, that is fantastic. If your new to SW, and you've accumulated 50 points already, you definitely have skills :)

Also, if your new to SW, WELCOME :)

Yes, i am new and only submitted a draft once months ago. I happen to check in earlier this morning, to find good news. Haven't practiced my writing in 26 years. So, i feel pretty good. Thanks so much for the warm welcome.

I misunderstood, it was gems 😬. Lol


JOAKIM: Is there an easier way (when trying to find a 'user' from the huge list of users here on SW) of actually being able to type in the users name without having to scroll through the endless numbers of members here? For new users here on SW, or for those who have lower points, I have oftentimes, wanted to check out that person's profile, but in order to get to the bottom of the user list, I have to do scroll page after page, until I get to those lower-points profile.


lol kathy you can search for users in the search bar but that has issues. like, i don't show up at all. which is kind of interesting given certain metaphysical details.

are you talking about where you type in a particular story (where it says: SEARCH STORY WARS, next to the DISCOVER DROP DOWN?) If so, that won't work because that's for titles of stories.....

Kathy - it's not only for searching on titles, it searches through the first chapter and for users too

Hi Joakim: But when I type in my name or another user's name, stories pop up that have the name in them, not a user. Are we talking about the same thing?

under the stories you will see user

OK, first are we talking about the same thing: There is a DISCOVER drop-down button. Is that what you are talking about? OR the area SEARCH STORY WARS, is this where and what you are talking about?


In the search. Try searching for someone like your own name or mine. First you will see stories regarding that name but under the stories you will see people


OMG, I FINALLY FOUND IT. I never even knew that was there :) THANKS so much Joakim. Hope you are well.

:) Down with fever at the moment, had an medical operation this week so been tense before that which probably set off the fever

I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better and that your operation wasn't due to anything serious. Take care and drink plenty of fluids and get some rest. And monitor that fever....(sorry it's the nurse coming out of me).....