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Hi Joakim: What are those symbols under Chapter 2 by Hayley? Thanks.

How do you 'disown' your story or stories when you want?

Is this suppose to be a joke? How are we to read this? It's not in English!!

Stephen: Could you message back and let me and others know what exactly you are referring to: What do you 'really like'? Thanks.

WOW, I am just speechless. Did Alynn immediately fall in love? :)

That is so weird. Maybe there's a ghost in your computer, lol. Do you know of a Alynn?

What does the wild card say? If it's in your story, but there are no words, then when you were setting up your story (chapters, etc) you might of clicked on it by accident. Joakim will figure it out for you.

'Sometimes' clicking on the refresh button helps, but not always. Try that :)

Amy: You should be getting an email letting you know that so and so is challenging you. It sounds like you need to go to your profile settings and click on notifications. There you will several nice options. You might not have anything checked under the 'Email' section letting you know (by email) when someone is challenging you.

I hope this helps :)

Your draft is a 'chapter' waiting to be voted on. In order for your specific 'draft' to become a 'chapter', it has to be submitted, then voted on. If your draft doesn't get the amount of votes to win (so to speak), it just remains a draft. If your draft gets enough votes, and wins, THEN it becomes a CHAPTER, and remains a permanent part of the story.

Hope this helps.