Wild Card in my story that I didn't put

Summer Lee 4 years ago updated by joakim.johansson 4 years ago 6

So, chapter 4 of my story STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE FAN-FIC AWAKENS has a wild card that I never put. What happened?

What does the wild card say? If it's in your story, but there are no words, then when you were setting up your story (chapters, etc) you might of clicked on it by accident. Joakim will figure it out for you.

It says "And Alynn immediately fell in love."

That is so weird. Maybe there's a ghost in your computer, lol. Do you know of a Alynn?

Alynn's the main character

WOW, I am just speechless. Did Alynn immediately fall in love? :)

That sounds weird, do you share your computer with someone? They could have edited your story in the first hour. Otherwise you might have forgotten it, it's the only two possibilities I believe :)