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elliedodge809 7 months ago • updated by Amber 6 months ago 1

I think that new stories should cost more, and maybe you could get gems from getting your drafts chosen. That way there aren't so many stories sitting around and not getting actually written beyond the first chapter.

Amelia Rose 7 months ago • updated by Joakim Johansson 7 months ago 1

Past few days, I've been having a problem with the draft changes feature. Here are pics.

₭įἧǤ 8 months ago 0

When you go onto a person's page to see there stories it is ranked by votes. The problem with this is that may of those are finished. So if you want to see newer stories you have to dig through their stories. So to fix this I think we should be able to add 3 or 4 stories to the front of their stories pages.

Under review
Sheeper Skipps 9 months ago • updated 9 months ago 2

A ton of people go and smash the follow button a million times and It gets on my nevrves. If you have anything else to add, add it in the comments.

Jessica Hollingsworth 9 months ago • updated by Daniel 9 months ago 1

I am trying to create student accounts for my fifth graders. Being under 13 they can not sign up for their own account. How do I do this?

Amber 10 months ago 0

By this I mean request a re-run of voting or for a new drafting phase on the same chapter. I have recently come across a large number of stories in the voting phase where none of the drafts are that good/follow the story/etc. and have too much of the chapter like this to suggest edits, but aren't something you would report. I know there are some logistical problems with this, but I'd like to hear what you guys think about it.

ocapi3boss 11 months ago 0

On the mobile app there is a quick tab to click on that goes right to your followed stories. On the browser version, you need to go to the main page, scroll down two sections then click on "See more" before getting to that subscribed page. That is unpractical. It would be great if in the menu there would be a way of accessing that page directly!

iamaudreylarson 11 months ago • updated by Joakim Johansson 11 months ago 5
DANDAN THE DANDAN no 2 11 months ago • updated by BruhhItsAllie 10 months ago 2

Instead of having to write stories together that sometimes doesn't make sense and stressful if the plot got turned around and wildcards actually kill the story,


Instead of disobeying the rules, you can unlock a rank by achieving a certain number of points!

Here's how it works. First, you need to get a good enough points to show that you're a good writer/been in story wars long enough (example: 500 points). Next, they will get a new button in their home page that allows them to write personal stories, but they gotta pay a good amount of gems to make sure that they don't go full solo.

Then, they are allowed to write a certain amount of pages. The more points, the more pages (for the same price or change a little up to you). Once the story's done, they can publish it. You can prepare a "Library" to sell personal stories, and those who wanna buy them gotta pay gems. 50% of the gems "go to the Library" while the other half goes to the writer.

The price is arranged by an AI according to rating and total pages to make sure that it's not crazy expensive or crazy cheap.

This is a good way to tell another side of the writer and spend gems (and earn them too). What do you think?