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DANDAN THE DANDAN no 2 9 months ago • updated by BruhhItsAllie 8 months ago 2

Instead of having to write stories together that sometimes doesn't make sense and stressful if the plot got turned around and wildcards actually kill the story,


Instead of disobeying the rules, you can unlock a rank by achieving a certain number of points!

Here's how it works. First, you need to get a good enough points to show that you're a good writer/been in story wars long enough (example: 500 points). Next, they will get a new button in their home page that allows them to write personal stories, but they gotta pay a good amount of gems to make sure that they don't go full solo.

Then, they are allowed to write a certain amount of pages. The more points, the more pages (for the same price or change a little up to you). Once the story's done, they can publish it. You can prepare a "Library" to sell personal stories, and those who wanna buy them gotta pay gems. 50% of the gems "go to the Library" while the other half goes to the writer.

The price is arranged by an AI according to rating and total pages to make sure that it's not crazy expensive or crazy cheap.

This is a good way to tell another side of the writer and spend gems (and earn them too). What do you think?

Manikandan.P 9 months ago • updated by /R/ 8 months ago 2

இந்த பூமியில் மனித இனத்தால் மற்ற உயிரினங்கள் எவ்வாறு பாதிப்படைகின்றது. மனிதனைப்போல் அதற்கும் அளப்பரிய ஆற்றல் இருந்தால் என்ன நிகழும் என்பதே கதை.

HirooPl4y 9 months ago • updated by Amber 8 months ago 1

We need it!!

stephen.lane 10 months ago • updated by Kathy Downey 10 months ago 1

all the others I dont understand or are just a little on the strange side and you shouldn't do that just on the second chapeter, at least wait untel the sixth or seventh paragraph, so good job!!!

Summer Lee 10 months ago • updated by joakim.johansson 10 months ago 6

So, chapter 4 of my story STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE FAN-FIC AWAKENS has a wild card that I never put. What happened?

Jonnie Green 10 months ago 0

Too many stories I see have no proper resolution. It would be great if here were stories where the length was indefinite; and when the story came to a good and satisfying conclusion, the original author could choose to end it. That way; there'd be no need to wish for sequels.

However... some stories DO need sequels. It would be great if there was a button you could press to request a sequel be started (I'd hate to start the sequel for someone else's story; seems like stealing). Also; that way, you could even have the sequel on the same page as the original.

Amy Nolan 10 months ago • updated by Kathy Downey 10 months ago 1

Am I the only one who has a problem with so many notifications that it takes like five minutes to scroll through them all, and I can't access my profile or the discover button during that time?

I know I should probably go to my settings and maybe not follow EVERY notification possible, but still. It's just a little annoying, that's all.

Is there a way that the notifications bar can be more of a tab? Like it doesn't stretch the entire length of the screen but just the middle part that isn't blocking the buttons?

Joakim Johansson 10 months ago 0

Takes too long to load all the stories. Need to be split up

Benjamin Rodriguez 10 months ago • updated by Kathy Downey 10 months ago 2

Maybe you should be able to add chapters with out adding a draft.

Hope you do it!

Conor Donaghy 10 months ago • updated 10 months ago 3

Hypothetically: You write a draft that - once voting commences - you think is the best continuation for that story.

Do you vote for?

  1. Your own draft.
  2. Don't vote.
  3. The best draft written by someone else.
  4. Or other?

All answer appeciated.