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Benjamin Rodriguez 7 months ago • updated by Kathy Downey 7 months ago 2

Maybe you should be able to add chapters with out adding a draft.

Hope you do it!

Conor Donaghy 7 months ago • updated 7 months ago 3

Hypothetically: You write a draft that - once voting commences - you think is the best continuation for that story.

Do you vote for?

  1. Your own draft.
  2. Don't vote.
  3. The best draft written by someone else.
  4. Or other?

All answer appeciated.

Angela Neff 8 months ago • updated by Joakim Johansson 8 months ago 1

Do you have a 30 day free trial for Teachers?

juhuasik 8 months ago • updated 8 months ago 6

am i missing something?

Logan 8 months ago • updated by Kathy Downey 8 months ago 1

It's not very clear or easy to format text, and I believe that in writing, italicized and bolded letters/words can really help add emotion to the story, by showing that the writer wants attention drawn to it.

kittyleejones1 8 months ago • updated by Kathy Downey 8 months ago 15

i submitted at draft to add to a story, looks like writer went with the concept as i accumulated 50 points and have read the way he utilized the idea. I am inquiring about the ability to re-read what i submitted to add to the story line. Does that go away after it is accepted or can i see what i added still. Super excited and want to re-read what made the writer change story to that directions. I am excited that i still have skills and would like to review my own input here and there, it is fuel to my fire and writers desire, lol. Please advise!

Leo Cameron 9 months ago • updated 9 months ago 2
Kenzawenza 9 months ago • updated by Kathy Downey 9 months ago 1

I created a story a month or maybe more ago (I don't really know) and just sort of made a random (and stupid) title. So now I want to change it.

So here are all of my questions:

- Can I even edit my story title?

- If so, how?

- If I can't, will this become an option for me and my fellow story warriors?

Kathy Downey 10 months ago 0

I'm sure most of us have submitted a lot of drafts here on SW. While browsing or searching through our own STATS ,can there be an easier way to view specific things, such as:

1. Have all of the chapters that we've won grouped together

2. Have a GO TO button so that we could advance to a certain page

3. Have the most RECENT or CURRENT drafts listed FIRST