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Wild Card in my story that I didn't put

Summer Lee 1 year ago • updated by joakim.johansson 1 year ago 6

So, chapter 4 of my story STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE FAN-FIC AWAKENS has a wild card that I never put. What happened?


Infinity Stories

Jonnie Green 1 year ago 0

Too many stories I see have no proper resolution. It would be great if here were stories where the length was indefinite; and when the story came to a good and satisfying conclusion, the original author could choose to end it. That way; there'd be no need to wish for sequels.

However... some stories DO need sequels. It would be great if there was a button you could press to request a sequel be started (I'd hate to start the sequel for someone else's story; seems like stealing). Also; that way, you could even have the sequel on the same page as the original.


Notifications blocking the buttons at the top

Amy Nolan 1 year ago • updated by Kathy Downey 1 year ago 1

Am I the only one who has a problem with so many notifications that it takes like five minutes to scroll through them all, and I can't access my profile or the discover button during that time?

I know I should probably go to my settings and maybe not follow EVERY notification possible, but still. It's just a little annoying, that's all.

Is there a way that the notifications bar can be more of a tab? Like it doesn't stretch the entire length of the screen but just the middle part that isn't blocking the buttons?


Pagination in the background [Developer]

Joakim Johansson 1 year ago 0

Takes too long to load all the stories. Need to be split up


Add Chapters

Benjamin Rodriguez 1 year ago • updated by Kathy Downey 1 year ago 2

Maybe you should be able to add chapters with out adding a draft.

Hope you do it!


Should writers vote for their own drafts?

Conor Donaghy 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 3

Hypothetically: You write a draft that - once voting commences - you think is the best continuation for that story.

Do you vote for?

  1. Your own draft.
  2. Don't vote.
  3. The best draft written by someone else.
  4. Or other?

All answer appeciated.


Do you have a 30 day free trial for Teacher?

Angela Neff 1 year ago • updated by Joakim Johansson 1 year ago 1

Do you have a 30 day free trial for Teachers?


is there a way to see what we've written on other stories?

juhuasik 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 6

am i missing something?


Text Formatting Tool

Logan 1 year ago • updated by Kathy Downey 1 year ago 1

It's not very clear or easy to format text, and I believe that in writing, italicized and bolded letters/words can really help add emotion to the story, by showing that the writer wants attention drawn to it.