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Hi there! Please report any bullying to our admins so we can ban the them.

thanks for telling me! Fixed it because of this message. It was the first I saw. Thanks!

Let me get back to you on that when I get home but I am sure we can fix it, do you know how you got hacked? Friend or someone you don't know?

Hmms, the issue seems to be isolated to Firefox and certain words, like "watch". Best solution would probably be to find a better library that renders the visualization... I would recommend using Chrome instead of Firefox for now until we solve that issue.

I am playing around with a few ideas about getting stories that should suit you.

I have started doing some analytics on every users writing. It gives me a clue about how complex stories you like to write. In the system I have in my head I would combine those analytics with ratings to learn what you really like + feed up stories from your favorite tags and authors.

that is safari, the browser on iPhone

not at the moment, you can edit the first hour or disown the story when you want but since others might be writing on your story we don't allow deletions since it's not really only your stor

Not at the moment no. But I could give you a refund after a month if it's not something you want to continue using. Just email me at

It would only show up if you have mature setting on. But I mostly think this is for your own sake to have all your stories in the same list