Private and mature stories not showing up on your own profile

joakim.johansson 4 years ago updated by BruhhItsAllie 3 years ago 3
I've noticed that, even if you have mature mode on, you can't view mature stories you've written on your own profile. I think the same goes for on others' profiles, too. Shouldn't this be changed?

If you write a mature story, it should appear on your own profile,with maybe a warning displayed prior to letting others view it. Because if someone goes to look at your stories (think about the average age here on SW), and happens to read something that you wrote (a mature story), this wouldn't be cool.

It would only show up if you have mature setting on. But I mostly think this is for your own sake to have all your stories in the same list

For me, when I have mature stories on for more gory things and shiz, it never stays on mature. So I've kind of given up on always changing it to mature.