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paragraph breaks

Draven 8 months ago • updated by joakim.johansson 8 months ago 1

Having trouble with this. Any help please


change email address

Claire Treacy 8 months ago 0

I have an account attached to my school google+ account. Unfortunately the school has changed the domain from @googleapps.wrdsb.ca to @wrdsb.ca over the summer and I can't access my original account. Is there a way to change the email address for my account. Ideally, I'd like to change it to my personal email address so this won't happen again.



DANDAN THE DANDAN no 2 8 months ago 0

User Reccomendations, it basically works like the 'favourite' option for


At the bottom of every story, under the box for writing/voting/The end
stuff and above Disqus, is a button for 'Recommend story!!'.

If you're active in commenting stories you'll know where this is going.

A User Recommendation will be under Editor's Choice and functions to
promote stories, but instead of admins and favourites this is through
democracy and unity.

It works like this:
-Each user (Warrior? Soldier?) will have one Recommend, each will only
last for exactly 168 hours (one week).
-After the timer is done users can go back to that story and vote again
freely. Using multiple accounts to recommend a story is the same as
voting for one draft in a story using multiple accounts - it's against the rules.
-The Recommend will be counted in total and the top three/five stories
with the most recommendations will appear in the front page under
Editor's Choice.

Once the Recommends start piling up with multiple users everyone will
know that story.

This is to hopefully bring up the underdogs and have a second hope if
none of the stories of a user never made it to EC.

Oh, and a UR can be on EC at the same time too. Like stats in the top of
the stories it will be counted.


IP and CP

DANDAN THE DANDAN no 2 8 months ago 0

CP - Commitment Points

Basically the points we have now, with a different name and two fancy words. I say commitment cause you need to either be really active or stay here for a long time to build up points

IP - Influencial Points

If you're familiar with Karma points on wiki sites you should immediately understand the concept of this point system cause it's basically

This is a measurement to show the activeness of a user. It does not accumulate into hundreds, or even thousands, of points.

I think that he best number would be 10, as the following:

0 (dead) ~ Inactive for four months
1 (noobish) ~ Write at least one draft or make one story in every four months.
2 (lazy) ~ Write at least one draft or make one story every two months.
3 (geting familiar) ~ Write at least one draft or make one story every month.
4 (quite comfortable) ~ Write at least one draft or story every two weeks.
5 (having fun) ~ Write at least one draft or story every week.
6 (one of us) ~ Write at least two draft or story every week.
7 (part of a society) ~ Write at least four draft or story every week.
8 (getting hooked) ~ Write at least five drafts and stories every three days.
9 (SW addict) ~ write at least five drafts every day and contribute to the forums.
10 (SW god) ~ write ten drafts or story every day and contribute
to the forums.

Just like the Karma points I think that I made this pretty similar. By
being active you can pretty easily go 5 and above. If you have extra
free time and have nothing to do, 10 is not a problem. I'm pretty sure
some cookies would easily detect all users' performance. Maybe we could
add a hidden eleventh point for those who are crazy active? It's up to
you I'm just giving an idea.



Amy Medek 9 months ago 0

We must needs contests for greater good of mankind!!!  I liked that I got to be a judge in one recently.  We should organize more and have an elite judge campaign to find judges for the next contest!!! Yusss!  Anyways... since I'm a judge right now, I had some ideas of finding a predecessor.  Maybe I should post a chapter on what I expect from one and some qualification questions... hmm.. and then the ones who want to be my predecessor have to answer to the best of their abilities and give good reasons why they'd be be best choice for the judge seat.  Hmm.. then, the judge is chosen by popular vote.  Anyways.. it was a thought.  Hehe.


Section for stories that users like

Saranya 10 months ago 0

A much more detailed description is in the forums page, but here is my idea:

We should have something called User's Choice, in which 9 stories that users like are displayed.

More info: https://www.storywars.net/forums/2/851


Not getting any notifications

Mockingjay 10 months ago 0

I have run into a problem lately, were I can't seem to get any of my notifications. When I open up Story Wars, the notifications button will not have a number on it, but when I go into notifications, I'll only have one or two. This has been happening for a couple days and I'm worried I won't be able to find and write for all my subscribed stories.



maia 11 months ago 0

I wrote a long draft for a story, It said it saved, I came beck the next game and it was gone. However it states that I did send a draft but it thinks I made it blank. The draft isn't showing up in my draft sec


Chat with ANYONE

₭įἧǤ 11 months ago 0

In many other messaging systems either it's open ended, everyone can message everyone, or you can request to chat and the other user has to consent. I think by allowing everyone to message everyone as long as both consent, our community will open up even more. We are very small and we want to make sure we give our users as many ways to connect as possible. So, it would be best to change the messaging system to allow users to send requests to message like many other platforms. And while many people are suggesting group chats, to accomplish that you would have to implement this change first. I think this makes a lot more sense then the current system and could do a lot to bring everyone a little bit closer.