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Needs a little bit of tweaking, but overall lookin' good!

I notice the "receive feedback" checkbox has appeared. It'd probably be nice to have a toggle box in preferences to set whether this is enabled by default.

Also, can you retroactively set it on existing stuff?

I rather like the sound of this.

I'd been wondering about some kind of commenting mechanism on stories and drafts for a while. Not sure if this is what I had in mind, but it's a pretty neat idea

Could have some kind of 'like' mechanism where people can flag stories that they particularly enjoyed. Past a certain threshold, they appear in a "User's Choice" category for a bit.

Something like that, maybe.

I'm in favour of this. I've already got a couple of stories I'd definitely branch. It'd be nice to visually graph the branching of stories, too,

I'd like to see this idea fleshed out a bit more, but I'm broadly in favour.

I'd be pretty keen on this. A timestamp on the last time a draft was written for the story would be neat as well, preferably with a guilt-tripping "3 months, 7 days ago" label ;)

I like this idea, though I think the best way of doing it is just to let you keep clicking the 'vote' button on any draft right up until the voting closes. The last one you clicked on will be the one your vote gets added to.