Edit other peoples stories/draft

joakim.johansson 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 14

What if you could select "Accept edits from others" and people could edit your story or draft. Minor fixes that you might have missed. And you can accept those change if you want to.

I rather like the sound of this.

A possible solution. Someone suggests an edit. You as the author of the chapter can accept or decline it. When accepted, the story creator gets to decide if it fits with the rest of the story.


YES, I like it, and I think that others will too.


Interesting concept and I approve...


It sounds good to me...


There is an "old" app that did something like this that I would want to model this after, the only video I found of it was this one: https://vimeo.com/81576138


nice; might just work :)

This is basically what I have in mind. Notification about someone suggesting a change to your chapter is missing and also where to see what suggestions you have made as well. As well as the history part.

The idea is this: You are reading a chapter that you like but think you might be able to improve somewhat. Might be that there are some small spelling mistakes or something needed for the plot.

Blue text: modified

Red text: removed

Green text: added

What do you think?


I think it's rather nice. I always see stories which I would want to change, and would enrich the community.


As a reminder: Maybe add that you should be able to invite someone to edit your draft.

A prototype for how it could work

Hi Joakim: The video starts out clear for only a few seconds then becomes blurry. But I think most of us can get the gist of what you're trying to get across. Will there be a way to tell someone the reason (s) we are editing the chapter or give suggestions/tips?

Thanks for working so hard on this. I know when it's all complete, everyone will enjoy it's feature.

Yeah I understood that it would become weird to explain when you change perspective. It's two roles that come into play. First the reader/editor, and then the original author. So when changing perspective it feels weird. (I am still sick btw, ugh)

Regarding Reason. Been thinking about that a lot, if there was a good way to explain every change you do and to be honest, I am not seeing it right now. Or rather, I have a few ideas that are too complex.

I am rather thinking that converting the feedback system into working into these edits. So when you are editing a story you can explain underneath why you did as you did, if you feel the need for it. I don't think you need to explain why you helped with a silly grammar mistake but maybe if you are switching how the sentence is built then you could explain it and make a case for why they should accept the changes.