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The classroom is seperated entirely from Which means it has it's own link and no one that is on regular Story Wars can see it. I will email you the link to your stories.

can you email me at to tell me your old account so I can delete it

hey Sarah! It’s not possible at the moment but if you email me at I can remove the users for you!

Can you explain your issue? You use enter to create a paragraph break

You can use a tech called service worker to imitate a lot of what an app can do, like sending notifications, being useful offline, add to homescreen. I have implemented the offline mode but at the moment I am working on an app instead since Apple doesn't seem to be making any progress on the service worker.

It should be fixed for you now

You should have them back now

hey the issue might be that you have registered the email already, we don't check for unique names, only unique email. Which email did you us

We are creating a way to download as epub (ebook). It should be printable, otherwise we can probably add pdf too. I will test when I have gotten further with it.