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Hi Kathy, thanks for looking at them! :) Libby...Jocelyn is my pen name aha xx I wrote CC when I was 14.. kind of cringed reading it again aha xxx This is just the ending of chapter 1, there's going to be about 50 chapters xxx And yes, thank you, that really helps!x It's nearly 3am where I am so I'll read ur stories tomorrow and comment!x

Hey Kathy, that we be great, thanks a lot :) And exactly! On writers cafe tons of people review my writing in return!x I only joined story wars this Saturday so I only have two very shaky drafts written as I'm still getting used to writing on from somebody else and write automatically more in their style than mine when carrying on!

My story wars link is:

My writers cafe (if you want it) is:

Many thanks again, your kind response is very much appreciated :)

Thanks for replying and so quickly, Kathy! I agree and understand your point xxx But perhaps one could choose to stay anon or show their name when giving feedback?x All the big writing websites do it, for example the very popular writers cafe. It allows one to also give the person who gave one feedback, feedback in return. This provide initiative and I believe we would begin to see a lot more constructive feedback and follower activity on story wars as a direct result :)