Your comments

This would be helpful, when I watch a duel that has ended, I have no clue for what story it is on :p

That is actually a good idea that would easily clarify the genre tile colors... I like it :)

Awesome! Thanks Joakim :)

Agree Joakim, I think many people don't understand how this works (though simple)...

Yes, i like the new button very much. The only thing I would change is somehow being able to choose whether or not "finished" stories come up...

I think what you mean is something sort of like ... Yes, this would be an interesting addition. Perhaps in a section with RP?

Yes Joakim, thanks for posting this! I know I have expressed my desire for this a lot... These are two changes I would really like to see happen :).

You have hit upon something there Harlander! I like the idea of a "User's List" A lot...

This is an interesting idea you have brought up. Perhaps one of the tags could serve this purpose?

This would certainly give a bit more purpose to the challenges. As of right now, there really is no difference between a "challenge" and an "invite."