Grammarly- A website to help the writer in all of us

Kathy Downey 4 years ago updated by Amber 4 years ago 10

TO ALL WRITERS ON THIS SITE: I found an excellent app that helps you with your spelling, punctuation, and your grammar in general. The app is free, and there is also an app for windows to use offline. The app is free, but they do have a PREMIUM service, but the one that is free is enough, at least for me. Try it out, and spread the word if you like it. Their website also has many helpful articles. www.grammarly.com.

sounds like a good idea :) I wonder if they have any possibilities to integrate with Story Wars

Hi Joakim: I use it on this site, but I'm not sure what you mean exactly. When I'm adding a chapter/draft, a small green dot sits in the lower rt corner of the box. When an error is made, it's underlined by a light pinkish-red in color. Then it lets you know what the error is, or a box appears. You can then click on the correction, and then your error is fixed. There's also an app for Windows to be used offline. It is a really neat and helpful app. I got an email today that let me know the highlight of my week using Grammarly, And it's FREE. They do have a PREMIUM service, but I'm not about to pay for it... Take care

I was mostly thinking if it could be a part of Story Wars without the extra download/extension. Every extra action you ask of someone means a high risk that they won't use it and it would be a benefit to us all to have a nice way of getting help with grammar :)

Am I taking an extra action asking or suggesting to other members to use Grammarly? If so, I apologize. I am just trying to help other writers. Please advise. Thanks.

No no it's great! But in this way by asking, maybe 1 % will use it since they have to read it and then try it. But if we had it built-in then 100 % would use it which would be much better :) So it's great, just thinking of how to make it even better

I agree, it would make it better if it was part of Story Wars. Can you contact the website or something? I've already got one member using it. When I give feedback now, and I notice that there is an issue with grammar/spelling, I let them know about the app, in a constructive manner, mind you :)

Question: How do I make my second story "Roller Coaster From Hell' more popular? Nobody is even looking at it, much less contributing to it. Is it the cover art, like the other story? Just thought I'd ask. Thanks :))

I use this too, but most of the time I can't be bothered to paste it in.

Hi; I see where you've commented on several recent topics, so thanks for that. Do you use Grammarly or the one Joakim is suggesting? If you haven't tried Grammarly yet, try it. At least until Joakim finds a way to integrate his suggestion into Story Wars. Grammarly is great. It's incorporated into face book, twitter (don't use), and some other sites. There is also a version that can be used offline as well. I use the free version, as I'm not about to pay for something such as this. Hope this helps :))

I use Grammarly, usually for school projects. I would really like to see Grammarly incorporated, because although we have spell-checking, we might want confused words/sentence structure/etc. I think it is a great idea, and I think that having this could help a lot with story quality, at least aesthetically.