Chapter Voting

Ken Ferguson 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I think it would be more user friendly if people could select their at least their top three chapters before voting on their final choice. Right now, there is no way to narrow down a selection. It would be great if a user could assign a ranking number, 1 to 5 for example, in order to eliminate those chapters they aren't interested in. This would be especially helpful in the classroom as students have a hard time narrowing down from over twenty selections.

That is a great idea. You mean like "I kinda like this", "I love this", "ohh this is great" and then you only get to read those three and select which one you really want to vote on?

Yes, something on that order. I know in my classroom there are at least 20-25 chapter submissions that students need to read and review. Then they only get to vote on one. It would be nice if they had the ability to mark those they like best in some way so that they can narrow down their choices. Then, only those they marked would be presented for voting. It would also be nice if there was a time period during which they could change their vote, say about three minutes, in case they change their minds.