Should writers vote for their own drafts?

Conor Donaghy 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Hypothetically: You write a draft that - once voting commences - you think is the best continuation for that story.

Do you vote for?

  1. Your own draft.
  2. Don't vote.
  3. The best draft written by someone else.
  4. Or other?

All answer appeciated.

I always vote for the best draft period....whether it's by myself or by someone else. Sometimes there is only one ridiculous draft besides yours.

I agree with Dave. Sometimes the ONLY draft is, unfortunately, your own. Sometimes if there is only two drafts: your own and someone else's (and they are BOTH are good), I vote for the other person's simply to get someone else's point of view, or I think their draft is 'slightly' better than my own. Sometimes, in order to get a story to 'move along and possibly get others to possibly submit their own drafts', I vote for my own.

Thank you. That is very helpful.