is there a way to see what we've written on other stories?

juhuasik 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

am i missing something?

Go to your profile page and click on the tab that says draft

thank you so much! i can't believe i missed that!

https://www.storywars.net/users/1?tab=2 This is mine for example, only I will see all my drafts but you can see the ones I have won


Yes, go to your own profile page. There you will see a tab called 'DRAFTS'. This is where you can see all of the drafts that you have written, as well as the points (if any) you received, and the story. Hope this helps.

thank you! it helped a lot!


OMG, Joakim. Good minds think alike. I just now added an answer to this person's question....and you just did a few mins ago :)