"WORD" Stories

Dave Uncapher 4 years ago updated by Joakim Johansson 4 years ago 2

I think that the "word" stories that have anywhere from 1 through 8 or 9 worded chapters should automatically have virtually unlimited chapters. I mean how much of a story are you going to get with that few words per chapter?

Now I know there should be an end Sometime, but maybe that could be the call of the original author. Either he could somehow post that the story is over when he feels the time is right, or he could declare let's say a 50 word story in the settings area so that the storyis finished after that.

Another idea about WORD STORIES, or any stories for that matter:

There are so many stories that end after 8 chapters that DON'T "REALLY" END !!

This is mostly the WORD STORIES.....never any real end.

My idea would be to make the 8th chapter of the WORD STORY to be however many

words that it takes to truly make sense of the 7 chapters before it. It could be the original


BUT I think with all the creative authors on your site, there could be some super good drafts

submitted for votes.

To take this a step further, there should be an area that would notify others when a book is open

for new drafts, not the notifications area.....might be too easy to miss it there, but somewhere really visible.

That last chapter could be worth more points to lure other authors to submit one. I

am not sure if more points would be best or not. I know I just put that down, but maybe it could cause "friends"

to vote for each other...you know, like "I'll vote for you on this one and you vote for me on the next. If that happened it could ruin it.....so I don't know.

You mean like an infinite story never ends, just pauses a bit when interest for it dwindles low after 1 232 chapters? :P

Not exactly sure how you mean with the other part. Not like this right: https://www.storywars.net/stories/all?filter=Write#