Editing My Story Titles

Kenzawenza 4 years ago updated by Kathy Downey 4 years ago 1

I created a story a month or maybe more ago (I don't really know) and just sort of made a random (and stupid) title. So now I want to change it.

So here are all of my questions:

- Can I even edit my story title?

- If so, how?

- If I can't, will this become an option for me and my fellow story warriors?

HI. In response to your questions: When you create a story, you have an hour to edit it. There is an arrow which is located next to the STAR. The arrow is a drop down menu. You'll see where it says: Edit your story, change image, invite others, share on Facebook, and share on Twitter. REMEMBER FOR FUTURE STORIES: Once you click on the 'CREATE STORY' button, the timer starts and you have an hour to edit your story.

As far as your image or cover art that you have chosen for your story, this can be changed at any time.

'Sometimes' Joakim will enable you to change something or he'll change it for you. And I say SOMETIMES. You need to send him a message and see what he can do, if anything.

I hope this helps. And WELCOME TO STORY WARS!