Runplestiltskin 4 years ago updated by Kathy Downey 4 years ago 1

I think that if nobody has wrote on your story in the next 24 hours, then you should be able to delete it. I personally posted a story but I wanted to delete it and repost it with some things added, but I couldn't. I think if there should be a way to delete it.


Hi Runplestillskin: I posted on this forum, the ability for us to be able to edit our stories, especially when others don't follow the rules and/or instructions of a particular story. This has happened several times to my stories, so this is why I posted the request to edit our stories.

So Joakim is aware of this request, and is working on it, but it will take awhile.

As far as you wanting to possibly delete a story because nobody has added a draft,,,,this happens quite a lot, I've noticed, for whatever reason. It is so frustrating when your story just sits there staring back at you, waiting to be continued...So this happens to a lot of stories here. And I've also noticed: a story is going really well (one that you may have added a draft or are following), and suddenly NOTHING. It's dead in the water, so to speak, and just sits there for days, even weeks. I've requested Joakim to possibly look into a way to 'highlight' these stories in some way so that they can be reintroduced and given another chance or what have you.

Hope this helps :)