Not following the instructions on my story. Can it be edited?

Kathy Downey 4 years ago updated by joakim.johansson 4 years ago 3

I recently wrote a story entitled 'WORD SALAD'. I provided 10 words in which the reader was to use ONLY those words in a SENTENCE, and then provide 10 NEW words for the next chapter. One of the first drafts submitted used some of the words in a PARAGRAPH. Since it was this person's draft and my own that were submitted, I voted for his/her. Chapter 2 voted this person's draft in. So now it's time to vote for Chapter 2. There are 3 drafts to vote on (including my own). There are problems with BOTH of them, NOT following my instructions. FIRST DRAFT: submitted a 'PARAGRAPH' and not a SENTENCE, then used some of the previous words that were originated in Chapter 1 and submitted them as 10 NEW words to be used for Chapter 3. SECOND DRAFT: this person did follow instructions, submitted a SENTENCE, but then added a word that wasn't in the submitted ten from Chapter 1. PLUS this person, added 10 new words to use for Chapter 3, but 3 of the 10 submitted words are words that I had submitted to be used for Chapter 2.

I know this all sounds confusing, but my story is not being handled the way that I want or following my instructions. Is there a way that I can edit this story, by reiterating the instructions again so that readers can better understand them? And can I change the length of the story from 8 to 12 chapters?

Thank you and I apologize for the length of this post.

Under review

I can add so you can edit it again and I can up the chapter length to 12. Do you need me to restart any of the rounds?

Yes, can you up the chapter length to 12, and no, I don't need you to restart the rounds. Welcome back :)