Finding stories

On the front page, you can find Editor's choice. These are handpicked stories by the admins of Story Wars. They sorted by number of views.

A view is represented by the eye icon and is the number of people who have visited this story.

Hidden under the Discover button is all the categories. There is also Mature, All and Random. Mature won't show up unless you have selected it as an option in your settings.

We have selected Horror as the category. All categories has two areas. Trending stories and new stories. Trending are stories sorted by recent activity. Activity as in submitted drafts or votes.

New stories are sorted by date

You can use Search to find stories (and people).

You can find stories that are share the same tag if you press on the purple tags. I will press on the scifi tag to show you.

This shows all the stories that are tagged with scifi

You can also find stories under the profile of other users. Here you will find the stories that user has started.

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