Configure story

Before creating your story, you can choose who can participate in it, what category it should belong to, if you want to add a plot twist, length the story, how long the story should wait until voting begins and how long the voting should be.

If we toggle the Public button we will see that the story goes into a Private mode. That means that only you and the ones you invite to the story will get access to it.

Choose a suiting Category to help people find your story.

By adding wild card you can set a plot twist to your story. This will become a prompt for a future chapter.

You can select the length of the story

A very important feature of Story Wars is the fact that you can continue on other people's stories. You submit a draft and then you will be notified when the voting begins. The countdown until the voting begins will start after two drafts has been submitted. During that time, anyone who hasn't already submitted a draft can submit their draft.

You can also set how long time the voting shall run. 24 hours is the default value.

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