User ranks

joakim.johansson 5 years ago updated by /R/ 5 years ago 3

Start of with a certain user rank. Like "warrior" then travel upwards when you get more points to the next tier.

Hmm... A good idea, but I think Harlander's comments in the other forums on SW should be taken into consideration about the whole point system...

Which comments do you mean? The forums aren't the easiest to navigate. Ugh need to take care of that.

i'm not certain what comments he's talking about, maybe "The point system is nothing but a colossal perverse incentive to do this kind of nonsense, Joakim." towards one word stories but essentially i think there are some issues with an abuse of the point system that do need to be taken in to account, but i think the rankings would be pretty cool - and i'm not just saying that because i'd probably get a pretty cool one