Give/get feedback on drafts

joakim.johansson 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

If you have a certain amount of points (maybe 50), you will be allowed to give other users feedback if they want feedback on their drafts.

An idea would be that you have to check a box to select that you want feedback on your draft. It will be possible to give feedback during the voting round then.

I'd been wondering about some kind of commenting mechanism on stories and drafts for a while. Not sure if this is what I had in mind, but it's a pretty neat idea

I am not 100 % sold on this idea but I haven't figured out a better one yet. I really don't want standard comments because those usually don't do that much. I rather we have ways of communicating in groups around stories you want to co-write, like a private story. And this system for public stories. But I still feel like there is a better solution out there..

I notice the "receive feedback" checkbox has appeared. It'd probably be nice to have a toggle box in preferences to set whether this is enabled by default.

Also, can you retroactively set it on existing stuff?

Ye published the first version of it yesterday so you where quick :)

It should probably be a setting yes, thinking if maybe the default should be checked in.

And no, not at the moment (tbh I didn't really consider the old drafts). Was thinking that maybe you should be able to give feedback on drafts that has been accepted as chapters too... Hmm