Ghost-Message Notifications

hannaheireland 2 years ago updated by William Rynearson 1 year ago 1

I keep getting email notifications about new messages but once I check my Story Wars inbox find I haven't received any. If that could be fixed or an alternative solution (besides unsuscribing from email notifications) could be offered, that'd be great. Thanks! Have a great day :)

Hello hannaheireland, I DO NOT WORK for Story Wars, but I have a LONG history as technical support for a couple of companies and wanted to offer up the following suggestions if your issue has not yet been resolved. If it has, that's great and go ahead and ignore below for this case, but these items are applicable in a multitude of scenarios and should greatly reduce your time dealing with technical support for most applicable technologies/websites (I've worked for cellphone companies and internet providers on multiple tiers of technical support).

  1. Use the established ticket system first (it's the third option at the top on the left-hand side for story wars).
  2. Provide a copy of the text of the body of the email (remove any personally identifying information) if you feel you might be able to get faster assistance from the general public (sometimes forums are faster, I agree).
  3. List the steps you have taken to encounter the error/error message. (Example: I opened the notification email and clicked the link from the email that brought me to the login page and I logged in successfully. After logging in I clicked on my profile name and selected the notifications option and checked for any new unread messages
  4. provide the error message text, including any "Error number" that may appear. (There is a difference between a runtime error, Plug-in failure, page not found, etc.) or if there is no error does your browser just never load the new page, does the page just come up blank, does your browser/app just shut down, or does your phone lock up?)
  5. If possible, have screenshots to either reference while speaking to TS or be able to attach to a message so they can see for themselves what you are experiencing and what they might be able to see that you might not have seen or known to mention but that they are either trained or experienced enough to catch.
  6. If you're tech-savvy and have tried a few things ahead of time, keep track of them and let the TS know, even though they may have you do them again (You might not believe how many people say they have power cycled the device prior to calling but the system shows something way different) because it oftentimes is a requirement for them to do so either as a job metric or pre-escalation list to be completed with a customer.

If you have filled out a ticket and they still have not responded after a week or 2, check to see if there is a "flag for follow-up" on your original ticket submission and try that. If that doesn't work, and I've had to do this with another company at one point, send a new ticket for the same issue as daily as you can until you get a response. Don't spam them multiple times in a day or you'll get either filtered or blocked (I MIGHT have done something like that when my Hotmail account was hacked and none of the troubleshooting was letting me back in, and I wasn't getting a live person on the phone... This was quite a while ago).

I know it's a lot of information but without more details on your issue, I figured I'd throw out a big net to try and help if possible. I hope it does and take care. :-)