More information on front-page story pictures

Harlander 5 years ago updated by Wilhelmine Reilly 3 months ago 9

At the moment the little title-and-picture boxes for each story show the number of views and the number of votes made. It'd be good for a few other bits of info to be available, such as:

  • Current chapter
  • Current phase - voting vs. writing
  • Time left in current phase
  • Number of drafts written if it's in writing phase

Not all of this information is as useful as the rest of it, but certainly the chapter number and phase would be pretty handy.

I agree, I am not sure about number of drafts but the others would be nice.

You have my support (for what it's worth)!


Needs a little bit of tweaking, but overall lookin' good!

That would be nice

That would be very useful ;)

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