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Cost Gems To Vote

BluNerd 4 years ago updated by ernest stephens 7 months ago 4

What if you had to choose an amount of gems to pay each time you voted. When the votes are tallied, the submission with the most gems wins. This would make it so that if you really liked a submission, you could show that.

Under review

Wow, this is an awesome idea. I'm going to take this back to the dev team to discuss the possible benefits/challenges of implementing a system like this. We're always looking for ways to incentivize better contributions.

Yeah I like this a lot. I think this could help prevent spamers from ruining stories and also incentivize people to try and get more gems and write more. A way you could do this is give two options to vote, one that is worth one vote, but is free and have a second option that costs one gem, but is worth two votes. But also if this is implemented you would have to allow people to change their votes in case they pressed the wrong button.

Yeah, this is actually a really good idea. But one problem, all the good people with tons of gems would ALWAYS win... +1 though

This is a well-thought of piece that made it easy for people to understand the whole point. with free guilds and quests