Disowning rejected stories

Joakim Johansson 5 years ago updated by joakim.johansson 5 years ago 2

well i guess the problem with disowning stories is what happens when they get picked up again and end up with a hundred some votes? can the original poster take it back? do the points go to no one? besides, is there any reason not to keep a story just on your page? i mean i have tons of stories just abandoned just in case any one stumbles upon them. i can understand if the author thinks 'wow, this story is horrible' and abandons/deletes it because of that, but i'm not certain that abandoning stories do to lack of views is the right way to go about it


If you disown it then you would miss out on the points I think... No I agree, some stories take time before they are found by that certain person.

It's a rather edge case, we have done it once or twice I think on request.