Being able to edit stories and include more than three tags

Simply Kareem 4 years ago updated by Joakim Johansson 4 years ago 6

It would be convenient if we can edit our own stories, there can be typos, or something in the story we didn't really like and want to change, to get the chance to enhance the story more, it can be useful in having others wanting to add on.

P.s. To have more than three tags would be better than to make long ones


Tags are overrated. But I think editing stories comes under this: http://storywars.userecho.com/topics/64-edit-other-peoples-storiesdraft/ but we can edit the original story (if it's ours) for one hour.

Well to be honest being that its our story, there shouldn't be a time limit to how long we can edit our stories for, if so, we should be allowed to edit our stories an hour at a time.

Well it's not really your story after several people have participated in writing in it. That is why it's only allowed at the start since then it won't effect the future chapters that much.

Of course, I really did mean before the drafts come into play. It wouldn't make sense to edit the first chapter after chapters 5 and six were added, it wouldn't be of much use then. I only suggest this, in case the first chapter the author writes isn't really to their liking after posting it and seeing ways it can be made better.

I think some lighter editing should be ok even later on. If you just notice a spelling mistake or that you missed adding a characters name. But for now the hour will stand. The next thing that is coming will be that people will be able to suggest changes to your drafts/chapters that you can accept