story specific chat

/R/ 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

ok so i was thinking it would be cool to have a chat for a specific story, where people talk about ideas, and what they voted for, and that stuff in a way it doesn't interrupt the normal chat and is easier to find than say the forums. it could be one the side maybe or maybe you'd have to click to have it pop up idk but it could promote people really collaborating and talking about the stories, maybe some 'promote similar stories' and stuff, plus it could be really fun. don't know whether it would be 100% anon, or just with users, or a ton of chatangos (that might not work) and i get not doing it because it sounds stupid hard to code, but it would be cool and a nice alternative to the chatango? idk man.

I think this would be a great feature, but the main problem with this is that it would be very hard for people to chat. On SW there are over 10,000 stories, so, 1, it would be hard to find a way to put chats on all of these stories, and 2, because there are so many stories, people would have a hard time to find someone to chat on a story.

it does lean towards more popular stories, yes, but like messaging or the forums a delay would be fine. compare to say wanting to talk about a specific story in the forum which no one uses or in the chat which would get overrun and lost really quickly.