The True Story Wars

Sammy Mustacheman 5 years ago updated by ₭įἧǤ 4 years ago 1

What we have right now aren't exactly story wars, are they?

They're more like chapter wars. And while that makes for some very interesting reading, The writing becomes disjointed at points and bordering nonsensical.

Introducing: The True Story Wars!

We'll each have our own stories which will take 100 gems to create, and each user will be limited to 3. ONLY YOU can contribute to the story (or people you authorize). This will allow for more cohesive storytelling.

You're probably wondering "Wait, if we don't vote, how do we get point?" Well, the thing is, you can vote! You'll vote for the entire story, if you think it's a good story! We'll have a specific page for all of these stories, and it'll be ranked from most votes to least!

I realize 100 gems may be a bit expensive, so we can have a system where viewers have to pay 1 gem or something in order to look at a story, and that profit goes to the writer!


This missed the whole point of story wars. It's not about being the best writer or have the best story. It's about working together to make a amazing stories. Even so what your suggesting is even less "war like". It's more like the space race and a actual war.