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Amelia Rose 5 years ago updated by Amber 4 years ago 9

Okay, so I know that I shoudn't be doing this, but when a round of my story went through and the outcome was not a great chapter that could have been better, I thought that was a little off. I went to my own user drafts page and looked at the draft I wrote, finding it had 2 votes. I then went to the user that won's page to find that their draft also had 2 votes. So, because it was even, their draft was picked automatically... I might seem like I'm just being greedy but I hardly think that's fair, not even just for me, but for others that have had the same thing done to their drafts. This has happened to me a few times before, as well, so it's not just a one time thing, and I would love to see a fairer system when it comes to even voting. Even just or the original author to get the chance to decide would be an improvement. Please fix this.


I've been here on SW, going on three months now, and I wasn't even aware this was happening. Don't worry...Joakim will get to the bottom of this :)

This has happened to me recently, but it's concerning a duel/challenge between me and someone else. We both TIED, but his story got chosen to be in the story. I'd like to know what the actual process is when this happens, as it seems unfair to not have someone's chapter/draft submitted if there was an even TIE.

Sorry about the late answer. As it is right now, a tie means that the chapter that was first submitted will win. But we should probably add a tiebreaker.


good to know explains why i'm losing all these duels ive been challenged to - idk what the tiebreaker would be - maybe a short sudden death where only the tied chapters are up for votes? maybe the author of the story picks? one's a bit more authoritarian, but the other could really delay how long it takes to write a story which might not be good.

I don't think I recognize you "R"? Where are all of the words behind the 'R'? Just kidding with you :) You obviously are doing quite well without losing 'all of your duels, which I find i hard to believe as you have 1000+ points'. But I do agree with you. I wasn't even aware that this was happening till Amelia brought it to our attention. Since then, it has happened to me, and doesn't seem quite fair that the person submitting the first draft, gets the points,and a place in the story. I agree with Joakim, about a possible 'tie breaker'. And I like your ideas about how to go about it, other than the suggestion that the author pick the chapter, because that's where little cliques here on SW come into play. People voting for others because they are ask to, etc...But a sudden death sounds like a better choice.

all refers not to 100% but to a decent sum - also seriously i've probably gotten only 10 points from duels, if that. my 1000+ is from my 500+ drafts. more drafts = more points, direct correlation.

i'll admit that the author choice could lead to some issues involving the story wars society, but instituting a sudden death draft would definitely add like a day more, and could just prolong a story forever if they keep tying. . . the whole thing has some huge issues, before you even start to delve in to the technical stuff.

also i was simply 'r' long ago. . . though it seems i have become more recognizable as 'r - comment' since after my long break re: writing that stupid novel i never even finished. alas, the site has changed much since then.

Why didn't you finish your novel, if I can be so bold to ask? how far along were you? if you don't feel comfortable answering me here, you can always message me, as I have been following you for quite a while :) Has this site changed for the better? And your comment about more drafts = more points, I agree, but unfortunately, not in my situation. I have written 650 drafts but only have 566 points, so???


Uh, here, I would just say that R's chapters got more votes, and therefore more points.

lol i'm gonna switch this to messaging so that we stop spamming the site, given that we've really moved off topic.