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I'm not quite sure of this idea but I think it would be funny if you could tag stories.

Yes, I think Joakim already had the idea of Tags but i'm not sure.

Anyways, I kinda like the idea.

You can tag stories. Will expand on it so you can follow tags in the future

What exactly are tags? You mean when you write a new story, and you tag them? But how does this help and how do we tag stories? What's the purpose? JUST CALL ME STUPID FOR ASKING THESE SILLY QUESTIONS...

And a message to JM Currey: I would like to check out your stories? do you use the name JM Currey? Thanks :)

No i have a different username: XxJuliaxX

I'm not usually on SW but I still love reading random stories ;)

What's your username??? Thanks ;D

When you create a story you can give it up to three tags. If you click on one of those tags you can find other stories with those tags. Like if you want to create a series of stories in the same subject that is connected

Thanks Joakim. I never thought about clicking on at tag to see similar stories. What happens when you tag someone's photo on face book?

Hi Julia, thanks for replying back. Why aren't you on SW? Just curious because you respond to the forum as if have stories here, or maybe you're just saying you're not on here very often. My user name is: Kathy

Yes my name is XxJuliaxX

Hello Kathy! I was just wondering because on SW there are 2 Kathys if yours is the one with a cat on it??


I have a cat under my name here within this forum, but under my actual profile where my stories are is the one with the blue butterfly (I've used KD, K.D. and now Kathy) So your profile has the x' in it. Will find you under the long long list of users..Thanks for asking :)

Disregard my above message where I say I only have a cat under my name here in the forum. I also have it under Kathy and my profile/stories. I forgot I changed it recently. I also found you, and am following you now :))