The Gems

ju1234 5 years ago updated by Joakim Johansson 5 years ago 5

Thank-you Joakim for the gems!

It's real nice to finally have a good reason in writing drafts ( I mean it makes you want to write more instead of starting new stories).


If I'm not mistaken, you also get 20 gems for writing a new story? I was writing a new story the other day (still working on it),and I happened to glance down in the area next to the SUBMIT button, it said 20 gems. Since I haven't submitted the story yet, I have no idea if I get the 20 gems or not. So everyone who is writing a new story, needs to check it out.

Also, isn't the premise behind these 'gems' is to write better stories? So who determines a 'good' or 'better' story, and how do the gems know??? Silly question I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking of it or who has thought of it :)

You write drafts, you gain gems so you use them to create stories. By writting stories you lose those gems so you start submiting drafts again. It keeps going and It's more fun than before ! :)

Thanks but I understand how the gems work now....

I came back to SW after a short break and up came "Gems" - honestly, I think that gems is not really an update that I would like, I mean, what do I want with Nightmode, or an owl badge - it doesn't exactly change my experience, and anyway, it is only like the top 20 users that can afford an owl badge from the shop (the minority), and then only the top few (around 4-5 (maybe less)) can afford Nightmode. And now, we have to pay for stories with gems. I might as well just create 22 stories with the gems I have, because I know that I am not going to get to 750 gems or 2000 or whatever (without paying - I'd rather spend however many dollars on a new camera or something that I will use (update: has paying for gems gone?)). To conclude, I think that gems are a waste of time, and we should rather have a time limit on story creation(eg. one story per month per user).


I understand. However there is nothing forcing anyone to pay for gems and the price for stories has been lowered as well. I need to experiment with ways to make Story Wars into something that can survive for many years. Right now it costs a lot of money to run it and we are not doing ads or charging for SW.

I am pausing the idea of charging for gems though. Classroom feels like a more viable option but we need to find something. I am still keeping gems as a cost for creating stories since it has been a good way to prevent spam