Discover Story Wars

joakim.johansson 5 years ago 0

Ah, you think of it as a Discover Story Wars that should help you guide yourself through the experience while we have just made a discover stories? Valid input!

Yeah, kinda.
If you look at your starting screen when you get on SW, you see lots of stories... a profile button, messenger button, search and only one other button - discover. Where do I turn if I don't understand how something works? :) Waiting period between writing and voting for new authors can be significant.
And who can tell me how to categorize my story properly, what are guidelines for mature content or even what are guidelines for story covers? And for example even I don't know yet why SW robot is sending me so many mails with updates of stories... it's like it's punishing me for voting :)

Also that was the place I had hopes for when I had something specific - like finding new stories - in mind. Because, um, there's nothing else :)