Points per story calculation, Puzzled

Kathy Downey 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

This morning I added a new story 'Word Association'. Prior to that, my Points Per Story score was 10.40. Now after submitting the story, it's down to 8.67. How is the points per story calculated?

Thanks :)


You have 6 stories and had 5 before you created your latest. And you have received 52 points so far on your stories.

52/5 = 10.4

52/6 = 8.67

Thanks for your always 'quick' response. Where does it show that I have received 52 points, or is this something only you know or have calculated? I guess the secret in getting a higher score, is produce a better story....


Your three stories with points have 38, 12 and 2 points. So that is where the 52 comes from

DUH!!!! It's too bad this question has to remain on this forum so others can see how utterly stupid I feel. Thanks again Joakim :))

I can see if I can remove the thread if you want to :) I didn't find the option on my phone.

There is nothing stupid though, it's my fault for not making it more obvious

No, just leave it. I'm sure other 'newbies' will have the same question at some point....Thanks again....have a great day :<)