Trusted writers

joakim.johansson 5 years ago updated by Arwen 2 years ago 4

An idea to keep away trolls would be that drafts will only be automatically accepted by "trusted writers". Any drafts that is sent in by someone who is newer has to be accepted by the story creator.

As admins we should have a way of adding/removing users from "trusted writers". There should also be an automatic way to become a "trusted writer".

I like this concept. Great idea :)....Question: How does one become a 'trusted writer?' Votes, length of being a member of Story Wars, the most popular stories??

Again, nice job Joakim :)

Well we have to figure that out. Like if you have 10 drafts that has been approved by other Trusted Writers then you could get an automatic "Trusted writer" (not my idea with 10 drafts so I can't take credit for that one).

I am going to have to think this one through for a while before doing anything like this, I like the idea but the automatic part is very important, otherwise a lot of writers will feel shunned.

Perhaps getting others to vote, one can try and avoid the complete 'automatic' part....Are you having problems with trolls? It's funny that you use that particular word, trolls.....:))

It's a pretty neat idea. Would love to see it in action.