Read both drafts in a duel?

Joakim Johansson 5 years ago updated by /R/ 5 years ago 10

Basically, should you be able to read both of the drafts that are going up against each other before you watch the duel?

Yeah! Great idea!

Not following....the duel is only between the two people challenging each other, so what good would it do to read both of the drafts, and who's going to be doing this, other than the two involved??? I'm completely lost on this one, sorry :(

Well other people can look at your duels but I am mostly thinking it would be for history reasons, when you look back at it 2 weeks from now you might not even remember what you wrote in that draft that won.

The idea would be that you see the two drafts and can read them both if you want to. Then you start the duel so you see the little characters fight like it is now.

I do like that idea. When you click on the duel 'go to story', it doesn't show you what draft won.

BTW, the 'saved' thingy (your favorite word, lol) isn't working out. Unless one has a great memory of what draft he/she submitted to any particular story, it will get submitted twice, like I've done recently. The draft remains in the box (where you write), and doesn't go away until it's manually deleted. So maybe you can fix the 'bug' because overall it's a great idea and nice of you to think of it :)

Hmms! How do you mean that it doesn't work? Do you write something in a draft and receive the same text for another draft that you want to write?

YES. When I write a draft, and it's 'saved', then I click on 'submit draft'. Well, before, (prior to you adding the 'saved' thingy), the draft would get submitted, and the white writing box would be empty. NOW when I would go to the same story, and submit another draft for the next chapter, the previous draft is still sitting in the white box where we do our writing. So, when I go to submit another draft, I have to manually delete the previous one already submitted. Confusing, I know...

Ahh so only on the same story right? Then I probably know why

This would be helpful, when I watch a duel that has ended, I have no clue for what story it is on :p

Same! It would be very helpful to know what the story is, and see the other draft.

random idea: you can set stories to being public or private, why not duels as well? public duels would only be between 2 people but what story it is for and the specific drafts could be seen. a way to have the best of both worlds in a way?