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Exactly what it sounds like, they are stories that have infinite chapters. There should be a tab specifically for infinity stories, and perhaps a limiting factor as to how many you can create. Maybe limit it so that you can only post one every week/month.

Also perhaps make it cost like 100 points to make one in order to a)create a purpose for points to be used and b)prevent spamming

I really like this idea

Under review

(seems like I am jumping between accounts)

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this idea. I guess I am adding a lot of stuff to the idea myself but hear me out:

What if these stories would have longer writing cycles as well, like something we work together on for a year. And a new layout as well with pages instead to support it becoming more of real reading session, not just jumping between interesting stories. Of course we would keep the other stories like they are now but for these ones we could do something differently.

I guess the thing that I am seeing on the site is this:

  • very short, twitter like stories (one sentence, one word, two word)
  • The regular stories
  • The really long stuff which usually just dies out

Maybe Infinity could support the long stuff better? Or maybe I am twisting a good idea into something it shouldn't be?


No, that's exactly what i'm saying! the really long stories right now aren't supported by a sufficient writer base right now, and i think adding this will tell those people who WANT to contribute to long stories "Hey! here's everything long!"

Also that's why i suggested limiting it because having too many long stories would make readers bored.

When you say 'long stories', are you talking about drafts that are submitted and their submissions 'go on and on'? Or something different? When I go to read someone's draft, but it's 'endless', I won't read it. It's way too long to keep me interested in reading further, which makes it bad because more than likely, the person's draft is good.