Having set out plots

Amber 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

Is there a possibility that the original author could set out a plot and what happens in each chapter? As well, users could report drafts that aren't following the plot. This would be optional, of course. This is also similar to author approving drafts.

Sounds complicated. Also sounds like something most other writers won't or don't have the time to get 'into' (busy lives,etc). Also not sure when you say 'This is similar to author approving drafts'.

By that I men that the author can make sure that they like the direction the story is going in, but it's only an idea...

HI...This is what Story Wars is: letting others add to your story,and giving the story a different perspective. If we allow the author to 'direct' the story, then we are doing the opposite of what Story Wars is. Just my opinion.... :)

Okay *holds up palms*. It was just an idea!

Me 'holding MY palms up', Don't give up. If you see the word 'FOLLOWING' above, it means that Joakim is looking into it. Your idea has not been dismissed or anything :))