User of The Week/Month/Year

Amber 5 years ago updated by Kathy Downey 5 years ago 5

This would be a vote based system, where you could visit a profile and click to vote the user as the user of the week. Then the users of the week would be voted on for the user of the month, ad ditto for user of the year. Of course, you couldn't vote for yourself, or vote more than once.

Sounds like it 'might' be a good idea; I don't see why other members would find this necessarily interesting enough to know. It might, however, bring more attention to this particular user.

It might be a good way to promote good users that aren't featured on Editor's Choice. This way, good users can be encouraged, and their different stories can be promoted.

I agree. There are so many users here on Story Wars, that we can all be forgotten unless you practically 'live' here on Story Wars :))

I also suggest there be a weekly 'Story of the Week' or something along this line. This would draw attention to new users as well.

That is a good idea, and a Story of The Week/Month/Year would be a similar thing.