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How do you accept a challenge? Or refuse one?

Kathy Downey 5 years ago updated by Shirley Jones 9 months ago 7

I know Joakim has a video about the Dueling process, but I still have questions. Oftentimes I click on the 'CHALLENGE A FRIEND' button, and then choose someone's name from my followers, but nothing seems to happen. Sometimes I click and click on a person's name, but it looks like the challenge hasn't been sent. How do I know if/when this person has accepted it, and then what happens if they do accept the challenge? Recently, someone challenged me, I clicked on the button that took me to the story. I added my draft, but now what happens?

Also, someone keeps challenging me to a story that I have no interest in, and I have been ignoring the challenges. But this person repeatedly challenges me (on this same story). What do I do then, continue to ignore the challenge?

Thank you and sorry for the length of this message/topic :)

I have the same problem, but all the time I get challenges from the same person, different story, that I have already written/don't want to write. We need a notification that says "Challenge sent"/"Challenge received"/"Challenge ignored/"Challenge accepted".

Under review

I made a small change so it's easier to see who you have sent a challenge when you have clicked the "Challenge a friend". The only ones that can send you a challenge is someone who is your follower.

Would you like to be able to block someone from sending you more challenges?

This particular person has stopped sending me challenges. It's not that I don't want to participate, it's just that I'm way older than most of the writers on this website, so I'm just not into 'younger' topics . Thanks for asking about the block. And thanks for ALWAYS having our best interest at heart.

That's great! I haven't tried out the fix yet, but blocking people is good for the more followed writers, who would be drowned under all the challenges

Well, I will never be one of those 'followed writers that will be so drowned under by all of the challenges' but I do agree with your statement :)

I have the same experience. Like when I was playing the gacha life download on PC, someone challenged me and I just accept it. The result is, he lost though.