See who leaves feedback

joakim.johansson 5 years ago updated by Amber 5 years ago 5

I was wondering the same thing; I always click on the 'Leave Feedback' button, but nobody has. I'm not sure why. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why no one is leaving me any feedback? I have, however, left feedback on several drafts.

But on the other hand, it might be a better idea if the person who left the feedback is anonymous, in case something is said that the person doesn't like :)

Yeah, the feedback is not always good.

I don't even understand how or where to leave feedback. I mean this feedback section is mainly for feedback for the site, right. There isn't any place on the story or chapter itself where you can post feedback and I wish there were. If it was easier to leave comments/feedback for a story chapter then I think more people would.

Whenever you add a draft/chapter to an existing story, there's a LEAVE FEEDBACK (it's RED I think) button located next to the SUBMIT button (bottom lower right). Click on that and when it's time to vote, whoever goes to vote on your draft, will see a BLACK button that says LEAVE FEEDBACK. I've left feedback 49 times to date, and have never received even one. Some people don't want to take the time to leave feedback, or maybe they don't know what to say. Maybe we need something posted somewhere, a topic 'How to leave constructive feedback and not make enemies' or something...lol Hope this helps :)

Correction to my above entry to Gaiadarkstar: When you submit a draft, there is a small white box next to the submit button, and SUBMIT FEEDBACK written next to it, in BLACK. Sorry, I was thinking of the red 'CHALLENGE' button.